Green Veneto: grand tour of the gardens in Veneto region

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Duration 7 days

Grand tour of the gardens of Veneto

Veneto with its cities, it’s a land of changing and charming landscapes. Thanks to its weather and its history, it is a region characterized by a large number of public and private parks and gardens, with trees and flowers, places that draw perspective sceneries to palaces, villas and castles, locations hidden by high walls of votive temples, open-air treasures of rare beauty and immense peace

Why you should go

Gardens grew thanks to the love and dedication of knowledgeable owners, landscape architects, gardeners, who invested every energy in them. This itinerary will lead you to a journey between perceptions and knowing, flowers and fountains, parks and geometrical gardens, to learn and get lost in the beauty that we usually find hidden on a hedge.

Day 1: Stra
Upon arrival at the airport you will rent a car until Villa Pisani in Stra, one of the most important villas along the Brenta river. Inside a bay of the Brenta’s canal, the park is based on the gardens of André Le Notre in Versaille, described the “Versaille of the Brenta” for its size but also for the relationship between Alvise Pisano and France, since he was the ambassador of Louis XIV of France, the Sun King.
Overnight in a local B&B

Day 2: Vescovana – Rivella – Valsanzibio
The second day you will discover two blooming gardens. Unlike Stra, Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin in Vescovana is a more simple but just as much fascinating garden, spreading for six hectares, a stylish garden that opens just in front of the villa, rich in statues and obelisks. The romantic garden is in the rear part of the villa and was designed to be admired from the top.
Later, you will have the possibility to visit the garden designed by Scamozzi around the XVI century Villa Emo in Rivella, at the feet of Colli Euganei not so far from Monselice. The garden is the classical Italian one, joining typical Venetian-Renaissance elements with an extraordinary amount of types of flowers.
Finally, the gardens of Villa Barbarigo in Valsanzibio, a Baroque masterpiece designed in the second half of the XVII century, is an important and precious tile for the history of gardens, not only Venetian ones. Imagined as a great open-air stage with fountains, labyrinths and wide pools, it was thought as a symbolic representation of the man’s progress towards salvation.
We suggest to end the visit with the pleasure garden of the Castello del Catajo. In the garden, which is just the annex of the castle, there are two giant magnolias of the XVIII century and one sequoia.
Overnight in a local B&B close to the Regional park of Colli Euganei.

Day 3: Padua
You will enjoy the morning in the wonderful and historical Orto Botanico (Botanical garden) of Padua. The most ancient botanical garden in the world still in its original position, built in 1545 for the will of the Serenissima Republic for the Medicine Department of Padua’s University, committed to didactics and research.

Day 4: Fracanzan Pievone - Costozza – Vicenza
Two private gardens. Villa Fracazan Piovene, surrounded by an Italian garden and by one of the biggest landscape park, preserves a traditional orchard with fruit trees and vegetable and flower gardens. It is one of the few survivor orchards in Italy.
The day will end with the visit of the Baroque gardens in Villa da Schio in Costozza and its winery for a tasting of the wines of the estate.
Overnight in Vicenza.

Day 5: Trissino- Castelgomberto
Through a series of terracing, wide woodland areas and clearing, the gardens of Trissimo Marzotto link two villas nestled in a little hill overlooking the Agno valley. Groups of wonderful and old trees, some of them with more than 200 years, structure the vertical dimension, harmoniously modulating the landscape and being the link between the Italian gardens, embracing the neighboring area of the villas among hedges, flowerbeds, terraces and alley enriched with plants pruned according to topiary.
The private garden of Villa da Schio is a large Italian garden with sinuous proportions, with large avenues of age-old trees and large green spaces.
Free afternoon in Vicenza, a wonderful town embellished by the works of Palladio and his followers. Overnight in Vicenza.

Day 6: Verona – Negrar
In the morning you will visit the fifteenth-century Garden Giusti in Verona, one of the most famous Italian gardens and place of great grandeur, celebrated since the Renaissance period. In this refined green oasis, tribute to the Florentine tradition, an itinerary comes alive, taking you to an artistic path including the scenic design of this place and the surrounding landscape.
You will proceed to Negrar, to the Garden Pojega in Villa Rizzardi. Commissioned in 1783, this garden is one of the last Italian gardens created before the trend of landscape gardens took hold.
The garden is 54.000 sq m wide, it is arranged in three different parallel levels including a semicircular area where the green theatre is.
Overnight in Verona.

Day 7: Grezzana
Departure to Villa Arvedi. Its famous Italian garden, characterized by wonderful double-fan designs, which makes it a unique garden of its kind in Italy. It was designed to be admired from the top of the terrace of the villa.
Back to Venice airport and drop the rental car.


  • Discover blooming gardens
  • Visit the wonderful and historical Orto Botanico of Padua
  • Explore the grand gardens of Veneto


  • Car rental
  • 6 nights overnight on bb basis
  • Entrances to the gardens


  • Refueling
  • Other entrances, extras, tips, cancellation insurance
  • Meals


  • Stra
  • Vescovana
  • Rivella
  • Valsanzibio
  • Padova
  • Trissino
  • Castelgomberto
  • Verona
  • Negrar
  • Grezzana


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From 880.00
Duration 7 days
Green Veneto: grand tour of the gardens in Veneto region
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