Visit a Bee Apiary and Taste Local Honey on Sant' Erasmo Island

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Duration 3 hours

Visit a Bee Apiary and Taste Local Honey

This private tour will take you away from bustling Venice, to explore rural life on St Erasmo, the largest island in the northern lagoon

Why you should go

Characterized by green areas, woods, and canals, St Erasmo is renowned for the fertile soil and lagoon flora, which has historically determined the island’s rural vocation. The island is also called ‘Venice’s veggie garden’ for the abundance of fresh produce and vast fields, where excellent vegetables and fruit are still grown today. In particular, purple artichokes, asparagus, and cardoons are distinctive produce of unique taste. White wine, such as Prosecco, also boasts a long tradition on the island, as it is celebrated each year on the Grape Must Festival. In this rural-lagoon context, beekeeping stands out. For this reason, the first destination of the tour is an apiary.

As finely tuned to the ecosystem on the island, this apiary has been operating for over thirty years and is still a rare example of rural business run in harmony with the environment. The use of natural beekeeping methods results in high quality honey, which is produced using flower varieties of the lagoon, where bees are free to fly and pollinate. A beekeeper will show you a honeybee colony and illustrate the colony’s social structure and common bee behaviour, along with the apiary’s bee-friendly extraction techniques. This is an exciting opportunity to understand and appreciate the hard work of these little creatures to make honey.

The visit to the apiary will be followed by local food tasting. Beekeepers will be preparing a range of delicacies for you to enjoy in the cosy atmosphere of the apiary owner’s home on the island. Traditional finger foods, vegetables, and fruit will be served with a selection of local honeys and Prosecco wine. This will be a great time to taste St Erasmo’s genuine flavours in a wonderfully sweet setting.

In conclusion, the tour is a fascinating experience to gain an insight into the lagoon’s micro-macro universe for both bee and marine enthusiasts, which will leave you an unforgettable memory of Greater Venice, off the tourist trail.

Tasting Menu
• One cone of seasonal vegetables topped with ‘millefiori’ (wildflower) spring honey
• One ‘quiche’ tart made with zucchini pesto and ‘millefiori’ summer honey
• Crackers with either Piave’s seasoned cheese, or smoked ‘scamorza’ cheese, or St Daniele’s ham
• Venice’s sandbar flower honey
• Seasonal vegetables and fruits
• Panna-cotta made with ‘millefiori’ autumn honey
• Hazelnut honey and honeycomb
• Prosecco wine and water


  • Discover the beautiful St Erasmo’s island
  • Visit a sustainable apiary
  • Learn about honey making and bee farming on St Erasmo’s island
  • Taste St Erasmo’s honeys and fresh produce
  • Enjoy your time in the home of a beekeeper in Greater Venice
  • Number of participants: 2 to 8 people


  • Guided tour in a sustainable apiary
  • Tasting of St Erasmo’s honeys and fresh produce
  • Interpreter


  • Hotels pickup/drop off
  • Tips
  • Extras
  • Everything not mentioned in the "included" field
  • Transportation


  • The tour will start from the ‘Chiesa’ ferry stop on St Erasmo’s island. A beekeeper will be waiting for you at the ferry’s pier and take you to the apiary.
  • You are advised not to wear strong perfumes, deodorants, or dark clothes.
  • In summer, wearing lightweight clothes, comfortable shoes, and sun hats is recommended to enjoy the tour and beat the heat.
  • Underage children need to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.
  • When booking the tour, please inform us about any pre-existing medical conditions, such as an allergy to bees or other insects, you may have suffered in the past.
  • Before visiting the apiary, you will be given protective equipment to prevent bee stings and ensure you stay safe during the visit. You will also be instructed about the appropriate behaviour that is expected of you in the apiary. You will then be required to sign a disclaimer of responsibility to confirm that you are aware of the risks involved in the visit.
  • The apiary is approximately a thirty-minute walk from the food tasting venue. If you wish to ride a bike, instead of walking the distance, you need to inform us at the time of your booking, so that a bike will be available for you from the apiary. You will be charged the cost of the bike rental in advance.
  • The tour is private and available in the morning from mid-April to October, subject to weather conditions. The tour will be cancelled in case of rainy weather.

Please Note

  • Min. 2 pax
  • Max. 8 pax
  • Wheelchair not accessible


  • St. Erasmo


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From 99.00
Duration 3 hours
Visit a Bee Apiary and Taste Local Honey on Sant' Erasmo Island
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