Nothing says you’ve arrived in Venice more than a ride on a Gondola.

March 15th, 2017


Where else would you have such an experience? We’ve delved a little deeper into this question to explore why you should take a private Gondola tour when you visit Venice:

  • You will have the gondola to yourself.

By organizing a private gondola tour, you will have the boat and the whole experience to yourself. That means it’s a much more intimate and private event.

Caption: A #gondola is a perfect, romantic and private experience. How inviting does this seat look?!


  • You can choose the itinerary or take advantage of the gondolier’s knowledge.

It also means you can choose where you go. The tour may have a set itinerary but you can talk to your gondolier if there is something you particularly want to see. Or you can chat with them about any ideas they have. They are real experts, professionals and a font of knowledge on Venice in general.

Caption: The view from the #gondola under perfect a perfect #Venice sky.


  • Venice needs to be viewed from the water.

No matter how long I spend in this city, I’m still amazed at the facts about how it was built. It’s a city made up of 118 islands within a lagoon. Most of the grand and beautiful buildings seem to float upon the water. Viewing it from the water gives you a unique perspective, and it not only reinforces their beauty but also the ingenuity involved in building them. Many of them were built on wooden platforms, supported by wooden stakes driven into the ground. It’s incredible.


Caption: Viewing Venice from the Grand Canal gives a unique and beautiful perspective.


  • You will be supporting an ancient tradition and skill.

Taking a private tour on a gondola means that you will be supporting this ancient tradition. There were once as many as 10,000 gondolas in Venice, now there are less than 400. Taking a tour helps keep the tradition alive.

Caption: #Gondolas today are made using the same process which craftsmen used hundreds of years ago.


  • It’s a special and memorable experience.

It is an ancient tradition, which was once used by Venetians as their mode of transport. Now it is tourists who mostly hire gondolas. So, when you do ride on one, it’s almost like traveling back to the past and experiencing how Venetians used to live. Also – there’s no other place where you would have this opportunity, other than Venice.

Caption: A beautiful #gondola ride under a Venetian sunset.


If you would like to take a private gondola tour in Venice, then here’s how we can help:

If you plan to visit Venice, the team here at Venice Incoming can help really make the most of your trip.

At Venice Incoming, we specialize in helping our guests experience the best of Venice, including organizing private gondola tours or even a romantic evening Gondola serenade, as well as other Venice City Tours and Italy Holiday Packages.


Find out more about our Venice City Tours at our website: or stay up to date with our news and reviews from other guests on our Facebook page.  


Thank you and hope to see you soon!

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