It is February, the month of Saint Valentine’s Day and the month of love.

February 9th, 2018


It is February, the month of Saint Valentine’s Day and the month of love. It’s the time of the year when many people think about popping the question to their significant other. With that in mind, we’ve witnessed many proposals take place here in Venice. So, here’s the best advice on how to make a proposal in Venice: 

Propose on board a gondola 

This would be very romantic, and Venice is the only place in the world where you could do this. You can hire a gondola and propose on board. Our advice would be to speak to the gondolier before hand. You may also want to have a back up plan in case the weather is not suitable. You could also get someone to take photographs – whether that’s the gondolier or someone on the shore, or even a photographer. Perhaps ask the gondolier to sail under the Bridge of Sighs by the Doges Palace – legend has it that if lovers kiss under the bridge, their love is sealed forever. 


A gondola in Venice. #VisitVenice #VeniceIncoming

Propose during the intermission of the Opera 

A trip to the opera is very romantic. The story of the opera will create an amorous atmosphere. If your other half is a little shy then find some secluded seats, and pop the question in the intermission. 

opera-venice-italy (1).jpg

A romantic night at the opera is a memorable experience! #VisitVenice #VeniceIncoming

In the evening at St Mark’s Square

St Mark’s square is right in the centre of Venice. In the evening, it is a beautiful space. The crowds reduce a little. There are many spots around the square where one can sit and the light of the lagoon and the fact the square is lined with some stunning architecture make it extra special. Find the right spot and pop the question. It will be very, very memorable. 


Piazza San Marco, Saint Mark’s Square. #VisitVenice #VeniceIncoming #PiazzaSanMarco (Credit: Wikimedia)

On one of Venice’s bridges

There are over 400 bridges in Venice – and four of them cross the Grand Canal. So, you can choose if you want to find one that’s a little off the beaten track, or one that spans the legendary stretch of water. The Rialto Bridge is very beautiful – and this is where Casanova wooed his lovers. The Academia Bridge also offers wonderful views – particularly at sunset. 


One of Venice’s more secluded bridges #VisitVenice #ProposeInVenice #VeniceIncoming  

During a really lovely meal 

There are some really fabulous restaurants here in Venice. I’d suggest you choose either a small intimate restaurant with a terrace or a booth – somewhere locals might eat. Alternatively, choose a really up market restaurant for a very, very special meal. Make sure you tell the staff when you book your meal. They will help you make the best proposal. 


A simple and very Venetian restaurant by the canal and with a terrace. #VisitVenice #VeniceIncoming #RomanticVenice

Somewhere with a beautiful view

You’ll be spoiled for choice here! Thanks to the mix of beautiful architecture, water and light, the views in and around Venice are intoxicating. There’s the Bell Tower of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, which offers one of the best and least known views of Venice, or the Campanile San Marco. The Skyline Rooftop Bar and the Gritti Palace both offer wonderful views, also. 


A simple but beautiful view of Venice as the sun rises. #VisitVenice #VeniceIncoming #RomanticVenice

In the seclusion of your hotel

After a wonderful day of exploring Venice, you could also retire to your hotel and propose in the privacy of your own room. Again, let the staff know. They are sure to have had others in the same position and they’ll help make things special. 

venice-italy-gritti-palace- (1).jpg

Inside the luxurious Gritti Palace, Venice. VisitVenice #VeniceIncoming #RomanticVenice

So, if you are planning to make a perfect proposal in Venice, it is a perfect location – as it’s one of the most romantic cities on earth, and love is always in the air in Venice! 

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