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Artisanal ice cream workshop in Venice

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Fresh, tasty, creamy, ice cream is a universal favorite. With our workshop you will learn all the secrets for making it really good tasting!

Duration 2 hours

from 590.00

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Dinner in a noble Palace & private gondola ride

Spend a magic night like a Venetian noble, taking a gondola ride, crossing the Grand Canal to arrive directly to your Venetian Palace. You’ll enjoy a picturesque view of the Grand Canal, seeking to celebrate the history and tradition of Venice

Duration 2.5 hours

from 245.00

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The secret workshop of the Venetian Puppets

Where puppets came from: guided visit to the secret workshop of the Venetian Master Geppetto

Duration 45 minutes

from 280.00

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Workshop on Lampworking & hot glass bead making

In the 13th century, the inhabitants of the Venetian islands started to develop the glassmaking industry, including the lampworking technique to shape glass beads with mesmerizing colors and intricate designs. These beautiful beads were then used as a form of currency and sold overseas as luxury items. Over time, the Venetian glass beads also became a status symbol and a sign of prestige

Duration 60 minutes

from 93.00

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Armenian Venice

A particular itinerary on the traces of the Armenians in Venice. The purpose of this itinerary is to approach the Armenian culture and historical presence in Venice, become stable from the 12th Century

Duration 6 Hours

from 110.00

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