Private Tours

Textile Secrets of Venice

The Venice textile tour allows you to dive into the Venetian artisan tradition. During the morning, you will visit three different places presenting singular features that will bring you to a Venice of the past, among precious cloths and fabrics

Duration 3 Hours

from 27.00

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Venetian weaving mill private tour

During your guided visit you will discover an ancient Venetian weaving mill, whose foundation dates back to the end of the 19th century

Duration 45 minutes

from 20.00

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Venice Perfume Workshop

Visit Palazzo Mocenigo, an ancient 16th century patrician residence now home to the Study Centre of the History of Textiles, Costumes and Perfume and learn about the history of Venetian perfumery

Duration 2 hours

from 122.00

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Verona in 1 day from Venice

A full day tour from Venice to discover the eternal city of Verona

Duration 8 Hours

from 179.00

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Workshop on lampworking & hot glass bead making

In the 13th century, the inhabitants of the Venetian islands started to develop the glassmaking industry, including the lampworking technique to shape glass beads with mesmerizing colors and intricate designs. These beautiful beads were then used as a form of currency and sold overseas as luxury items. Over time, the Venetian glass beads also became a status symbol and a sign of prestige

Duration 90 minutes

from 168.00

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