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Discover Venice

This walking tour will take you into the most hidden and unusual corners of Venice, learning interesting facts about its history and everyday life in a water city. A walking tour to remember and to treasure in the future

Duration 75 minutes

from 23.00

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Exclusive shared evening gondola ride at sunset

An exclusive 30 minutes ride on a shared gondola just up to 4 people at sunset

Duration 30 minutes

Was 35.00

now 25.00

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Venice Carnival Ball: The Ball of Dreams

Wearing a glamorous costume you can be anybody…

Duration 7 Hours

from 130.00

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Carnival in Love Grand Ball - Le Miroir Magique

In a New Awsome Baroque Location (Palazzo Ca' Zen) I wait for you to live a night of pure Venetian atmosphere, to plunge in the Decadence of 18th Century…

Duration 7 Hours

from 150.00

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Venice Carnival Party - Le Parfum

In 1700 lived one of the most brilliant and wicked figures in history, his only ambition was to study the intangible kingdom of perfumes. The female soul resides in her perfume. In his quest to distill the eternal essence of love from beautiful women, Jean Baptiste Grenouille committed the most heinous murders. Let our artists lead you into the secret world of the alchemy of Perfume

Duration 7 Hours

from 250.00

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